What is Vote4US (in 90 seconds)

Vote4.US is to politics as eHarmony is to dating. Our patent pending approach matches voters to candidates within their constituency.  Through the use of entertaining quizzes, quick polls, and social media ties, users will be connected to candidates based on unbiased data and information entered directly by the candidate or their representative.  No other app or internet site will bring all this together in a way that is informative, engaging, and unbiased as Vote4US.  Vote4US is in the position to become the first essential political app ushering in democracy 2.0.

With this app, you will be able to quickly narrow the field, then easily compare candidates so you can make a choice that has a positive effect.  This will be more important on the more local races where information gets harder to find allowing you to make an informed choice instead of "well, I think I remember seeing that name on lots of signs, so he must be OK".

The app will provide a wealth of information quickly to help with political "conversations" and allow you to find the real information to settle a bet or prove a point.

Vote4US will be an interactive social experience with discussions of hot issues as well as many social media integrations such as Facebook Apps and even an election you-pick-em game. Phone apps and club like self-organizing lobby groups (sometimes called Political Action Committees or PACs) help to engage voters in the political process. You will even be able to volunteer to a campaign online. The fun, social nature of these activities could entice users who otherwise may not be interested in the political process.   

An unbiased playing field will help make the race more about this issues and winning the hearts of the voters.

Explore design views of version 1 of Vote4US™, look at the feature list to see when your favorite feature is currently scheduled to be implemented, or learn the philosophy that drives Vote4US.

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