Version 1

*   Simple candidate information and comparison

Compare and contrast candidates, research candidate information, and even contact them.


*    Simple political quiz

Take a short 10 question quiz that lets you see where youlie on the political landscape and compare with your friends, if you choose.


*   Social Integration - Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Allows you to easily communicate your findings or broadcast your support/opposition to a candidate.


*   Daily Polls

Entertaining way to see how your answer to the question of the day compares to national, state, city or just your friends.

Version 2

*   Candidate Matching

Quickly find a short list of candidates that match your values.  Dig in issue by issue to find the candidate most worthy of your valuable vote.


*   Add robust Candidate/Campaign profiles

Allows candidates to add personalized information with expanded data on each candidate.


*   Add virtual debate to candidate profile

The virtual debate feature allows candidates to expound upon their position on an issue.  Then their opponents are each allowed one comment on that statement with the candidate allowed one short rebuttal on each opponent comment.


*   More robust user profile

Add information with your views on the various issues to facilitate accurate candidate matching.

Version 3

*   mechanism to become a “verified” account

After an easy and safe verification process, your comments will be given more authority over unverified users.  This will help eliminate anonymous trolls ruining your experience.


*   Add Achievement/Badges system

Earn cool badges as you participate and interact with others on the app.  Become an elite member and add unique features to your account.


*   Add volunteering

Find a candidate that you really beleave in?  Volunteer to help them either virtually or physically right from within the app.


*   Add donations

Donate to the cause if the mood strikes you.


*   Lobby Group / Pac / Club Joining

Mayor Daley once said, “We don’t want nobody nobody sent.”  So if you want your voice heard, you will need to join together with other like-minded people.  Hate potholes on your street?  Form “Chicago citizens for the improvement of city streets” and join together with others to make your voice heard and action done!


*   Build forum

Participate in forum discussions on issues or candidates.


*   Virtual rally/speeches

Attend virtual rallies/speeches or just read about them afterward.


Version 4

*   Add voting registration

Register to vote from within the app, where allowed by law, or at least get information on where to go.


*   Add local voting location info, hours, map

View information on your polling location including hours and a map with directions, if desired.


*   Ready to Vote report

Mark candidates that you wish to vote for, preview ballots, when provided, and print a report so you can vote as you planned when you get to the polling location.