We want to be to voting what eHarmony is to dating.  We will try to match voters to the perfect candidate using fair and unbiased information.  Politics is all about people, all people, not just the few in charge of mass media.  In that spirit, we will be a social experience with discussions, social media integrations such as Facebook, and community curated content beside raw data and direct information from the candidates.

Jerry Brower

With the nature of heated politics and all this social interaction, it is paramount to us that user’s information and identities stay safe!

Politics does not need to be boring.  Polls, games, quizzes, and interesting conversations will come together to make an app you will want to share with everyone you know and come back to all year long, not just election time.  Use it as a tool during debates with your friends to show the unbiased numbers or data.  Wikipedia is great, but it can't show you how a candidate actually voted on a particular bill or other details like you get with Vote4US.

We want to empower people to enact change.  Mayor Daley of Chicago, Illinois once said, “We don’t want nobody nobody sent.”  So, if you want to be heard, you will need to join together with other like-minded people.  That’s why we created self-organizing lobby groups (sometimes called Political Action Committees or PACs) to help engage voters in the political process and allow your voice to be heard loud and clear.  Users will even be able to volunteer to a campaign online.  We hope the fun, social nature of these activities will entice users who otherwise may not be interested in the political process.

We want to also help get the good candidates where they belong, in office.  We can connect candidates with like-minded voters efficiently without spending big dollars allowing good candidates to compete more efficiently regardless of budget.  An unbiased playing field will help make the race more about this issues and winning the hearts of the voters than mudslinging and who can advertise more.  This is good for the candidate and even better for Democracy.  That’s why we say, “Welcome to Democracy 2.0”